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Riverview Gateway Sign

When we started looking at this project we were given the idea from a local design firm to repurpose the salvaged sections of the original Gunningsville Bridge to create their new gateway sign.

What a great idea! When we were awarded the tender the real fun began.

We pulled the salvaged sections of the bridge out of a field buried in grass up to our elbows.

Of course they were riddled with deep rust from 80 years of use and another 5 of sitting in a field so a heavy load of sandblasting was in order.

We cut the large sections to more manageable pieces that would take the form of support poles to the new freestanding gateway sign
We welded the baseplates on and the support frames for the front sign face. The sign was then painted with a 3 stage epoxy coating to ensure to lock the rust out.


A custom fabricated sign face with perforated backing and raised letters were built and painted in our shop to achieve a semi-transparent architectural look.
The sign was then installed on engineered concrete bases at the entrance to the town as you cross the bridge.


What a fun execution of a great idea!





On behalf of the members and staff of the Codiac RCMP, I would like to sincerly thank Hansen Signs for their generous donation of the use of one of their portable signs. This kind contribution allowed us to convey our message of appreciation to the community at large on the one-year anniversary of the tragic loss of our members. We are greatful to Nick and the staff for preparing the sign and being supportive of this endeavour.

- Paul E. Beauchesne - Codiac Regional RCMP