Why should you consider a vehicle wrap for your business?

Posted by Jessica HansenMonday, February 1, 2016Share
Why should you consider a vehicle wrap for your business?

We often get asked the following question: What form of advertising is going to give me the best bang for my buck? Easy: Vehicle Wraps! Of course you can't replace or discredit the other forms of signage for your business, however, a vehicle wrap is the single most effective way to get your company's name/brand out there for people to see. You are essentially driving a 24/7 moving billboard that reflects your brand and your business. The next question we get asked is: How much is this going to cost? This is where some people might cringe when they hear the number: A well designed vehicle wrap will cost well into the thousands, but fear not! This amount is very minimal compared to other forms of advertisement choices you have. According to a study made by a leading wrap material manufacturer, 3M, you would have to spend well over $130 000 on television ads to generate the same annual impressions of a wrap costing $3,500!

 Still not convinced? Here are some more interesting facts on Vehicle Wraps:

  • Cheaper than any other form of advertising including TV, radio or print ads.
  • 95 Percent of consumers that took part in a national survey said they remembered the vehicle graphics they saw.
  • Vehicle graphics don’t have singular demographics—everyone sees them as your fleet vehicles drive the city streets and highways in your service area—even if that’s nationwide.
  • There is no annual fee that needs to be paid for this form of advertisement. A one-time investment is all that is required when properly taken care of.
  • Protects your cars paint and can cleanly be removed by a professional.

Do you currently own or drive a company vehicle that doesn't sport a unique and eye catching wrap? You're missing out!  Come in and check out what we can create for your vehicle today.

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