Featured Projects


After attending a workshop with Dan Sawatzky in B.C., we were given the opportunity to hone our skills on this great project.

We had teams of artists sketching, sculpting and painting theme work throughout the exhibit to build an experience for their visitors as though they were walking through a remote village in the Amur region of Russia.

All decorative work here was done with hand sculpted materials, and Acrylic Paints.

We were also the general contractor on this contract with the city, therefore we managed and contracted out all of the trades that were part of the execution of the project.

We executed a drive thru program with a major coffee and donut restaurant chain through-out Canada and specifically the Maritimes with Hansen Signs as our signage installers. They were an excellent addition to this project. The crews performed at an exceptional level of professionalism and Nick was a fantastic manager to work with.  We executed multiples locations with multiple crews within a given week and at a very rapid pace. Hansen Signs was able to keep up with all the start dates and they were very accommodating whenever a return trip was required. I would use Hansen Signs again without hesitation on any future programs!

- John Rodarte, Director Field Operations - DAVACO